to Dwell Well…

Start with HOW you live, then determine WHERE.

I landed in Portland from Chicago craving an outer world that matched my inner one.

I wanted to be in the woods within minutes, know I could escape to the mountains at any given moment and not be the only tincture taking, herb hoarding human in the room. The community, culture, environmentally conscious, open-minded, forward-thinking city I was longing for is alive in Portland. And, I am so grateful to have firmly planted roots here.

I so love connecting with people and helping you put down your roots, so you can build the life you’re craving to live.


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With over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, I will be there every step of the way to guide and offer expertise throughout the transaction. I am a great listener, organized, detail oriented, and love coming up with creative ways for buyers and sellers to stand out in this ever-changing market. I will get to know each of my client's needs, priorities and goals to ensure I will be a valuable asset during and after the home buying process. My outgoing nature, dedication to customer service, and ability to connect with people is a significant part of my success.

Also… I may or may not be the realtor, that smudges your house, always has a crystal in my pocket, and sets an intention for a smooth and successful transaction.

And when I'm not doing that... I’m hanging with my family, studying homeopathy, making tinctures or fermenting, unplugging at our cabin, running around Forest Park, connecting with my yoga mat, hiking in the Gorge, visiting local Vineyards, hitting up some live music, or meeting friends for dinner & drinks at one of the amazing restaurants in Portland.

I dwell so well in Portland and I would LOVE to help you do the same.


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Earth Advantage Accredited


ADU Specialist


Ranked in the Top 10% of Realtors in Portland Metro


Licensed Realtor since 2005



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